Newark Canoe Club Statement – May 2020 – COVID 19 – Valid from 13 May 2020 for members of the club

Following the Government relaxation of strict exercise rules as part of the update to the lock down requirements, British Canoeing have issued guidance on how these should be applied to canoeing.

Firstly, BC has stated that there should be no club activity at this time. As a result, Newark Canoe Club will remain closed until further notice.

Individuals can go canoeing within the guidelines set out in Government policy. That means they should only paddle with other members of their household, or with one other person from outside of their household.  This is on the proviso that they maintain social distancing at all times.

Those people that do decide to go canoeing should stay local to their area and not travel long distances to find water.

Canoeing should only be undertaken on water that is easily within individual capability so that there is little risk of capsize and the need for others to effect rescue.

Only those Newark Canoe Club members who have their own equipment which have been certified competent and issued with a key for the gate, will be able to canoe on the lake subject to the requirements above. i.e:

Paddle with only other family members or with one other person from outside of your household provided you keep to the appropriate social distance requirements.

In addition to the principles of Covid 19 safe practice, members should follow the following additional requirements for the use of Thurlby Lake:

a. Only those people who are paddling should attend the Club. Do not bring other family members as spectators.

b. There are to be no picnics or overnight stays at the lake at the current time.

c. If more than one group arrive to use the lake at the same time ensure that you observe the appropriate social distancing and do not mix with others.

d. Ensure you park in such a way that you do not put others ability to social distance at risk.

e. You are exclusively responsible for your own kit. No sharing of equipment or assisting others to move equipment to or from your car, unless they are members of your household.

f. Ensuring that the gate is secured against parking on the site by non-members and making sure that the last person on the site locks the gate.

This opportunity is conditional on members not creating gatherings at Thurlby Lake and respecting the need to remain committed to the Government Coronavirus rules for individual safety. Failing to paddle consistent with this instruction will result in the use of the lake being withdrawn.