Stand Up Paddleboarding

Developed when surfers in Hawaii began to use paddles to propel their surf boards, Stand Up Paddleboarding is a relatively new sport. Now rapidly growing in popularity across the UK, Stand Up Paddleboarding is easy to learn and enjoy – there isn’t a huge amount of equipment needed, you just need a board and a paddle and you’re ready to go.

Paddle in all kinds of waters: As with all paddlesports, Stand Up Paddleboarding offers something for everyone, whether your interest is leisure and relaxation or personal challenge and adventure. People of all ages and abilities paddle in the calmer friendlier waters of lowland waterways, rivers and canals, to more challenging white water rivers and ocean surf.

As with all forms of paddle sport, you will get a lot more out of Stand Up Paddleboarding if you invest in some training to get you started and, as with all paddlesports, inexperienced paddlers should follow good safe practice guidelines, wear a buoyancy aid, and not attempt tidal or fast moving waters without the necessary skills.